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Business Activities

The CREO Group provides various solutions and services from five perspectives.

CREO Marketing CO., LTD.

Provision of total ICT solutions to support competitiveness improvement through new value creation

CREO Marketing provides services such as the development of ZeeM, a total ICT solution for supporting competitiveness improvement through creating new value of a company as a whole from top management to middle management and employees, as well as development of embedded software.

CREO Marketing

CREO Solution CO., LTD.

System and network construction, and development of various business process applications

Based on rich hardware and software expertise cultivated as an independent systems developer, CREO Solution helps customers achieve the optimal system environment. Integrating diverse technologies, the company works to provide solutions that will increase competitiveness and promote business process innovations for all customers regardless of their industry and business model.

CREO Solution

CREO Networks CO., LTD.

Provision of ICT infrastructure service platforms and media platforms

With many companies accelerating their business activities today, how efficiently companies can maintain, manage and operate their ICT assets has become a critical issue for their success. CREO Networks provides services aimed at ICT optimization through the integration of primarily cloud-based ICT infrastructure services.

CREO Networks


Provision of IT outsourcing services and IT specialists for technical support, operation, and marketing

In the fields of technical support, operation, and marketing, CREATE LAB operates an IT outsourcing business, providing technical support, system maintenance and operation services as well as consultation on purchasing of IT equipment and services to major manufacturers, major providers and major software companies, and also operates product sales and dispatch of IT personnel.


Business Activities